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  • Automotive Locksmith Foundation Modular Courses
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- Basic knowledge on key blanks and profiles
- Understanding the workings of car locks
- Key cutting, both duplication and by code
- Professional Car opening
- Lock picking & decoding
- Make keys for all-key-lost situation
- An overview of immobilizer & transponder systems
- See and use the very latest state of the art equipment available to the modern automotive locksmith
- 85% Practical to ensure you know how to put theory into practice
- Tools requirements and how to set up your service van or retail shop
From the experience of the successful and ever-expanding Auto-locksmith trade in the region of S.E.A, we can tell our friends in the Automotive and Locksmith trades as well as those who are not, that you are missing out on a massive and highly profitable opportunity. It is not only possible, but in most cases relatively easy to produce a car key and what is more, it proved to be lucrative in this highly specialized and niche market.
Course Objective: To train up new generations of High-Tech Automotive Locksmith to meet market's demand
Lucrative business
Regardless of economical conditions, local car sales are still increasing each year. All newer generations of vehicles are inbuilt with high-tech factory anti-theft devices, be it the locking system or configurations of remotes & keys, expertise in this area are highly sought after.
 8days fw
Soxxi Master Automotive Locksmith Modular Courses are designed to teach applicants with little to no experience regarding Automotive Locksmith skill. It is ideal for current locksmiths not involved in the Automotive market, Motor trade operations wanting to offer Auto locksmith services and people looking for a career change into a niche market with high level of technical content and good rewards.
 8days hitws
The techniques that we teach on the course are those we use ourselves on a day to day basis as practicing auto locksmiths. We are a full fledge auto locksmith company and the industry leader in South East Asia. We are also the only company offering training course in South East Asia Region. We aim to deliver a course that covers all the necessary lock opening & programming techniques within automotive locksmithing in a totally realistic and hands-on format.
 8days hitcd
These courses are conducted by a real live practicing automotive locksmith with all rounded experience. Each candidate has his own workstation and learns each module in a mostly 'hands-on' format.
 8days pcq

Can I start to provide my services as an auto-locksmith?
Why not? You are encouraged to start as soon as possible on the area that you are better at. You will learn the rest much faster on the job.

What other tools would I need to purchase?
It is part of the course to recommend the best tools for your job. Indeed with our guidance, you will not have to buy a single piece of tool only to discover that it is redundant later on. Being the distributor of most renowned tools and machines, we are able to offer our students with better prices.

How do I further my knowledge?
After the course, you would already have the foundation to explore further by yourself. You may also come for refreshment course when necessary. We even have single-day advanced courses for you to further improve & gain more skills in different areas of Auto-locksmith.

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 158 Kallang Way,
#07-08 Performance Building,
Singapore 349245
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